The smarter way to book
concerts is here.

Whether you are an Artist, Booking Agent, Promoter or Manager, BookSmart will be the most effortless and cost efficient way you will ever book a show.

Which are you?


Don't sweat the details. Booksmart makes booking a show a breeze, and lets you concetrate on what you do best - playing awesome music.

Booksmart allows you to:

  • View and manage offers for live performances from around the world
  • Automatically generate and sign contracts
  • Select the terms you want included in your contract
  • Fill out hotel and tracel information
  • View how many tickets are sold to your show in advance
  • Stay on top of all your gigs from the road with the booksmart app
  • View, accept, reject and counter offers for performances
  • And much more!


As an agent, you help out your artists the best you can. Booksmart's wide range of innovative tools will help you, help them.

Booksmart allows you to:

  • Manage all of your offers in one place
  • Create and execute contracts in a breeze
  • Handle and manage advancing easier than ever
  • Automatically upload tour information to Pollstar
  • View a social media overview of your clients for informative decisions on shows
  • Find the cheapest ways to travel to shows with our automated travel agent
  • And much more!


Juggling all of your responsibilities as a promoter is tough. Let Booksmart take a load off your mind.

Booksmart allows you to:

  • Create budget sheets and offers in an intuitively simple spreadsheet
  • Keep track of your marketing team
  • Virtually edit and sign your contracts
  • Complete advances easier than ever
  • Handle everything remotely with the booksmart app
  • And much more!


So many opportunities, so much to organize. With Booksmart you can make the most of your time.

Booksmart allows you to:

  • View offers and tell agents which shows you like
  • View and export contracts
  • Stay up to date with real time advances
  • Create or upload riders to attach to your artists
  • Go mobile with the booksmart app including a tourbook
  • And much more!